Explore our newly launched website on IFRS reporting transformation

We are delighted to share with you our newly launched website highlighting the latest line solutions as to the transformation of IFRS financial reporting! EU has obliged Ukrainian government to harmonize Ukrainian accounting policy with that of EU. It is against this background that in October 2017 Verkhovna Rada approved a package of legislative changes introduced to the Law “On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine.” Moore Stephens-Kyiv team has done its best to make amendments to the Law easy to comprehend.

The Currency Law of Ukraine: Overview of Key Changes Applicable from February 2019

Aiming to make the country more investor-friendly, the government of Ukraine continues implementing changes to the current laws. At this, the Currency Law has recently been modified. Operating within the Ukrainian environment the Moore Stephens-Kyiv team is ready to provide the Companies with independent advice on the prudent application of the Law. Read more about the adjustments of the Currency Law that are implemented from the 7th of February 2019 and the related services of Moore Stephens–Kyiv team that are a helping hand in any challenges your business may face.

Transfer Pricing 2019

January opens a season of new legislative adjustments. The sphere of the tax law has always been a place of the ongoing shake-ups. This year is not an exception. There are several changes introduced to taxation rules previously adopted by the Ukrainian parliament. The main changes in the application of transfer pricing rules concern the elimination of currently existing inaccuracies and some technical mistakes.

Read more about the TP legislative adjustments and the related services of Moore Stephens–Kyiv team that are a helping hand in tax disputes that may emerge when conducting business in Ukraine.

Employment of Foreigners in Ukraine – Legislative Adjustments

Prospective development of the economy of Ukraine beckons foreign investors. Moore Stephens–Kyiv team keeps abreast of the latest business-related trends and the ways of their potential development. Recent facilitation of the procedure of the receipt of a work permit for foreigners keep attracting foreign investors as well as individuals willing to do business in Ukraine. Read more about the adjustments of the Law and the related services of Moore Stephens–Kyiv team that are a helping hand in any challenges your business may face.

Support in implementation of renewable energy technologies in Ukraine

The sustainable and renewable energy sources have become a real success story over the last years. Read more about the conference devoted to the up-to-date biogas production & technologies and implementation of effective biogas plants. To achieve sustainable savings on this business area our speaker concentrated on the vital topic of effective project funding, strategies of venturing the investment project of the biogas plant construction…

The largest agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine. Sharing practical experience

The presentation entitled “How to prepare an agribusiness enterprise to obtain internationally recognized certification for gaining access to international financial markets and to available financing” included a lecture highlighting the effective development of food safety management systems in compliance with international standards, regulations and certification systems as well as emphasising the benefits of international certification. The practical recommendations concerned reengineering of business processes of agricultural enterprises and preparation of financial statements in accordance with international standards, along with criteria for successful business activity.

IDEA Innovations Conference in Houston

IDEA Innovations Conference was held in Houston, Texas, on 1st, 2nd of November 2017 under the motto ‘Learn from IDEA Users Who Are Leading the Way’. Read more about the latest strategies and modern approaches discussed and feedback of our Company’s representative.



On 20 September 2017 the Decision on approval of the concept of e-governance development was rendered by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This document would go down in the annals of history as a landmark decision regulating the Ukrainian priority development fields, primary purposes and promotion measures for the next three years.

Regulatory Update - Business Now Easier in Ukraine

On 19 July 2017 the Law introducing amendments to some regulatory acts of Ukraine regarding the use of seals by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (the Law # 1982-VIII) shall enter into force. The Law aims at further simplification of conducting business in Ukraine and abolishes the use of corporate seals. 

Set up business in Ukraine

This short guide provides general information on the main legal requirements connected with
and to be considered when setting up a business in Ukraine. Limited liability companies (LLC)
are the most widespread form of commercial companies in Ukraine where the shareholders’
liability is limited by their shares. The basic statutory requirements to the LLC are described
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