Employment of Foreigners in Ukraine – Legislative Adjustments

Prospective development of the economy of Ukraine beckons foreign investors. Over the last few years, a growing number of foreign citizens are willing either to work or to live temporary or permanently in Ukraine. Why so? The experts of immigration law highlight two crucial reasons: the country’s adoption of several new business-related laws and facilitation of the procedure of the receipt of a work permit for foreigners and their employers. Together with the shortened list of the required documents, it’s become possible for the employers to differentiate the categories of their workers and the conditions of the employment itself.

Among the foreigners willing to make a move and enter the Ukrainian market the two groups are standing out: the businessmen eager to hire foreign specialists; and private clients, having an itch to move to Ukraine and, therefore, thinking of setting up a business.

Posturing itself as a democratic country entrenching external contacts, the government of Ukraine step by step facilitated the procedure of the receipt of a work permit for foreign specialists making the country more attractive for foreign investments. Therefore, legislatively, it is now a favorable environment to start investing in Ukraine.

Though, depending on the nature of the employment some additional documents may be required, yet the standard list with general requirements has been shortened significantly. Thus, when filling in a work permit application, a company willing to employ a foreigner should submit the following documents:

  • Application for work permit

  • Colour photograph of an employee

  • Legalized copy of the passport with its certified translation into Ukrainian

  • A copy of the draft employment agreement (contract) certified by an employer

Moreover, certain categories of foreign employees now may receive the work permit for a term of three years. The Law has also introduced special minimum wages requirements for some of the foreign employees. The minimum wage for the foreigners willing to work in charity organizations, non-governmental organizations or educational establishments is of five minimal wages. The amount of the average wage for all other categories of foreigners is ten minimum statutory salaries (with some exceptions).

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