Are you a non-resident thinking of the ways to open a bank account on the territory of Ukraine? Get practical advice from experts!

A non-resident may open the bank account both in national currency Hryvnia (UAH) and in foreign currency (EUR, USD etc.). At the same time there are certain cases prescribed by the bank regulations governing the bank account opening process, in particular:

  • To perform the activities of the representative office on the territory of Ukraine (the type of bank account depends on the status (commercial/non-commercial) of the representative office);

  • To carry out the investment activity of a non-resident on the territory of Ukraine (in particular, via participation in the authorized capital of the legal entity-resident, real estate purchase etc.);

  • To perform the activities of organizations/agencies involved in the international aid or international technical assistance projects in compliance with the effective international treaties of Ukraine and Ukrainian legislation.

 Each type of bank account falls under a particular banking regulatory regime allowing for certain types of credit and debit transactions. Depending on the target use of the bank account a company-non-resident may open current and deposit accounts.
Generally, the following documents shall be submitted for the bank account opening: an application and a card of specimen signatures; identity papers of a client and his/its representatives.
Individuals-non-residents are also entitled to open the accounts in the Ukrainian banks.

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