2018 Virtual Reality Awards - Innovative Hubs sponsored by Moore Stephens

Innovative breakthrough is the watchword in the modern world of constant evolving technologies. Dreams generate ideas. The ideas fulfilled by the top-notch engineers become innovations changing the modern world. The go-to resource of a genuine innovative product will surely take its full-fledged niche in the blitzkrieg development process. How can a genuine masterpiece of innovation be distinguished from the hyped-up lousy product? In the modern world of disruptive innovative solutions it is the multiple operating features of the hub product that matters. For this compelling reason Ultrahaptics has become the ‘Innovative VR company of the year’. Its mid-air haptic technology was shortlisted in the 2018 Virtual Reality Awards and won an award sponsored by Moore Stephens. 

Established in 2013 on the basis of technologies developed at the University of Bristol, UK, Ultrahaptics nowadays has become the world leader in mid-air haptics. The company turned into reality a gutsy idea of enlarging the VR senses with tactile feedback. The unique technology enables users to interact with virtual objects without needing to wear or touch anything. Through the use of ultrasound, it became possible to add haptics to virtual objects augmenting gesture control and, consequently, unlocking the true potential of the touch. Macdonald Tait, Director of Marketing Communications in Ultrahaptics, uncovers the potential applications of the technology: “Anywhere that you interface with a digital world, we can add mid-air haptics. That could be interfacing with the stereo or entertainment system in a vehicle, or using an elevator button in a hospital where you don’t want to physically touch something. We are on a mission to make interfaces healthier and safer to use, as well as more fun and immersive.” Macdonald Tait predicts the future success of the VR industry. The Company’s aim is to become a UK “tech success story.” “We want to change the way that we interface with our devices for ever. The real world is 3D – so we want to make sure our digital world is 3D too,” states Macdonald Tait. For more information about the event and the world's most influential VR immersive technology please follow the link: https://awards.vrbound.com/.

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